MadStar Demo

  • May 7, 2021

    Space Shooter Game

    This game is a free demo of the full game "MadStar".
    The full version is still under development.

    Emerge yourself in this retro style graphics space shooter game and destroy the robotic aliens that has taken over the galaxy.

    A unique twist on space shooter games with a new ship panel allowing for the ultimate ship management and upgrades while testing your skills in battling enemies at the same time.

    Three different modes, Likely, unlikely, and not likely, with a game reset button that allows you to change your mind.

    Collect and build your ship with different weapon, shields and battery parts,

    Upgrade your shields for a longer survival rate.

    Upgrade your weapons 26 times releasing devastating carnage.

    Strait thru gameplay with no worries about menus after each level.

    Each level automatically saves your progress so that you can start over or return to it at a later time.